A graphic memoir to help people understand
and overcome depression and anxiety. 

A great book that will bring understanding and hope to anyone who reads it.

– Professor Mark Williams
University of Oxford

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This is as clear, accurate and sympathetic a description of major depression and how to emerge from it as I have ever seen. I strongly recommend that anyone suffering from depressive illness should read this book first.

– Dr Tim Cantopher
Author of Depressive Illness – The Curse of the Strong


A brave, important book.

–  Professor Robert Sapolsky
Stanford University


Ultimately a journey of redemption, growth and hope that could provide an invaluable lifeline to those experiencing depression and those at a loss to understand what their loved ones are going through.

–  Dr Ben Beaglehole
Otago Medical School, Christchurch


If one person’s journey is told really well, it becomes universal. This book does just that – and will give courage and hope to many many sufferers.

– Professor Mark Williams
University of Oxford


Beautifully illustrated, clearly written, genuine, compelling.

–  Asst. Professor Patricia L. Gerbarg MD
New York Medical College