Author Brent Williams now supports others in their journey out of depression and anxiety

Author Brent Williams now supports others in their journey out of depression and anxiety

I offer personal one-on-one support for people who are experiencing depression and anxiety and also for family members who are trying to work out how they can best help their loved ones.

I believe people need to take these illnesses seriously and get help and support as early as possible. There are effective evidence-based treatments but they are hard to access or adopt for many reasons - not least the lack of motivation and clouded thinking that is so much part of these illnesses. I understand how difficult it can be to recover from depression and anxiety and I would like to support you or your loved ones to get well.

The form of support would be face to face meetings in person or via Skype or Zoom etc. The extent of the contact will depend on your situation and need. If you would like to find out more and whether it would suit your own personal circumstances I would be happy to have an initial free consultation with you. There we can discuss exactly how I may be able to assist you.

I can not diagnose you nor advise you on treatments prescribed by your doctor and neither I am not a therapist. My role would be to give you information, practical support and coaching.

I have had a career as a lawyer helping people through life difficulties. More recently I have experienced depression and anxiety. Now recovered, I write, talk publicly, and support individuals and family members. My focus is to help people build long term sustained recoveries.

I am aware of the need for confidentiality and will respect your personal privacy at all times.

My fees for a 1 hour session are:

50 Euros or 70 NZD or 55 USD

Discounts for students and unemployed people are available.

I live in Tubingen Germany. My consultations would be in English.

If you would like to have an initial free consultation please write to me here:

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